Thursday, 23 August 2012


Opening Credits:

The Story of George

…a short film made of tv commercials…

001. Title Card+Narration: This is George. 

George Clooney is shown in an overcrowded place. Slow-motion.

002. Title Card+Narration: He likes to think of himself as the most unfortunate person in the world.

Split screen footage of George jogging (right) and examining a car interior. 

003. Title Card+Narration: The reason is… (fade) …George had no luck with women.

004. Detail of Martini’s ’No Martini, No Party’ ad.

A group of women shuts the door in front of George, saying: „No Party”. George looks disturbed.

005. Detail of Nespresso commercial featuring Nazanin Boniadi, who lefts the obviously uncomprehending George alone in a hotel lobby.

006. Title Card+Narration: He tried his best, but every single time something went wrong.

George as he tries to kiss a women next to him on a couch, but a loud party next door prevents him to do so.

007. Title Card+Narration: Despite fortune and fame,…

George arrives at the premiere of one of his films. He steps out of a limo, and walks among a huge group of photographers.

008. Title Card+Narration: …when it came to women, George felt paralysed and speechless by fear.

Detail of the same footage, a woman in black cuts off the testicles of a huge bull made of ice into her glass full of Martini. Cuts to George’s terrified face.

009. Title Card+Narration: He realized he could not compete with the younger ones…

Sequence from Martini’s The Boat: George is on a boat trip with a woman, but then a young guy arrives on a motorboat. In the next moment George is left alon on a small island with a dog, and the woman leaves with the young guy.

010. Title Card+Narration: …so he started to drink.

George collects all the booze on a party, and takes it with him, while people look confused.

011. Title Card+Narration: He even thought that he might have been cursed by someone in the past.

A parking car as the rain starts to pour on it, leaving all other places dry. Cuts to George, who’s sitting in the car shocked by a huge thunderbolt.

012. Title Card+Narration: But then…

A blonde lady lying on a bed in slow-motion.

013. Title Card+Narration: …he finally met someone, who loved him, and even agreed to be his wife.

Inserts from DnB NOR’s commercial ’The Wedding’. The lady seen on the bed stares at the wedding ring on her finger, then George comes in, and kisses her slowly.

014. Title Card+Narration: Unfortunately this happened in Las Vegas.

The confused lady is looking through pictures of a probably very drunk night – the night of their wedding.

015. Title Card+Narration: And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So the marriage did not last long.

The footage with George left alone on an island with a dog.

016. Title Card+Narration: Disappointed as he was, George decided to become… (fade)…an asshole!

Detail of Nespresso commercial featuring Camilla Belle. She walks to George, who is making coffee, and asks him, if he is George Clooney. George responds with: ’No, you must be mistaken!’

017. Title Card+Narration: And women started to admire him.

Detail of a Nespresso commercial: a group of ladies is talking about the greatness of George. He listens to the conversation with satisfaction.

018. Title Card+Narration: Until one day…

George walks out of a building, then looks up. Cuts to a falling piano from the sky, then we see George, as the shadow of the piano is getting even bigger around him.

019. Title Card+Narration: God punished him.

George walks up to heaven on a huge stairway.

020. Title Card+Narration: George told his story and the reasons behind his rudeness to God.

George and God (John Malkovich) are sitting in heaven, drinking coffee and chatting.

021. Title Card+Narration: And He gave him a second chance in another body…

A slow-motion footage of Brad Pitt turning to camera.

022. Title Card+Narration: He is between us. (fade) Expect him. (fade) This is the story of George.

End Credits

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