Friday, 24 August 2012


The Story of George is a short film entirely made up using footage from television commercials. These ads got something in common: George Clooney as the main protagonist.

The Idea

One day I was watching the telly with my girlfriend, when an ad appeared that featured George Clooney. She turned to me and said: 'There are so many commercials with George Clooney that they could make a whole movie out of it'. That's when the idea came up, and I thought: why not me?

The Process

In order to make the movie I collected all the ads I could find on the internet. Then I wrote a synopsis, and edited the stuff according to it. Because of the different features of the footages (16:9 vs. 4:3, colour vs. bw) I decided to add a vintage look to the whole as an organic design. The narration is also displayed on title cards just like in case of silent movies. 

The question of copyright

I downloaded the raw material for this film from sources without any copyright notice or warning. Note that I have no financial benefits from this project - this is only a narrative experiment (making one coherent movie out of different types of material only linked by one common feature: the main character). This is only for amusement, and I did not intend to violate anybody's rights, therefore I refered to the cast and the represented brands of the original commercials in the credits. After all it's only a new choice of publicity for them.

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